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Your relationship with your customer is yours.

Strengthen bonds and build networks with tools that help build strong, intimate,
customer relationships and engaged communities.

Create and theme events with ease

Adding a course or event to your landing page is simple. The description, venue, dates and images you add flow through to your e-invites, reminders and tickets, keeping everything consistent.

Enjoy powerful e-marketing tools

Send e-invites direct to your customers and watch the bookings boomerang back.  Use the group features for fast targeting, the reminder options to build excitement and the dash to see progress.

Watch your community grow

As new people book or sign-up with you they are immediately added to your contact list.  Your network grows organically and your contact list is effortlessly updated.

Shout about it online or keep it private

When you create an event you can add it to your landing page or keep it private for invitees only.  Privacy is a must for exclusive events, board or committee meetings and even social club parties.

Make personalised service just a little automated.

Get invites and reminders out fast with the pre-set wording or change it to create just the right mood.  Dates, venues & ticket prices flow from event set-up, to save time and reduce risk of error.

Use discounts to boost response

Try early-bird discounts to speed response, group discounts for social reach and vouchers for the extra deserving and super influential.  Then watch your dash to see sales grow.

Send targeted reminders and follow-ups

When you send reminders you have the option of emailing those who have booked or those who have not.  That way you send the right message to the right people, with no extra effort.

Choose the right payment methods for you and yours

Not everyone wants to pay by credit card.  That’s why you get to choose how your people pay.  Choose from internet banking, cash, cheque or credit card.  Offer one, some or all these options.

Delight customers by allowing booking without sign-up

No one likes signing up to a website on the first visit.  That’s why we let people book without sign-up the first time, and every time if they want. You can of course encourage them to sign-up so they can book faster.

Reward those who do sign-up

Those who do sign-up enjoy the benefit of their own events hub where they can see their bookings, print lost tickets, update their details and see their invitations.

Bask in the glory when people book on-behalf

Some book for colleagues, others for friends and family.  People who book with a login love discovering that you have remembered all their contacts and saved typing the names again.

Rest assured about data privacy protection

Your contacts are yours.  We do not share or sell data, or promote random events to your contacts.  We do respect the right to unsubscribe and use a secure server in New Zealand for peace of mind.

Give recognition using side banner advertising

Everyone owes thanks so someone special - sponsors, partners, suppliers.  Promote them using the side banners.  Events Pronto only ever uses the banner space until you remove or replace them.

Links with Show Gizmo

When you link your organisation to the really popular Show Gizmo conference app via Events Pronto, each ticket-holders is automatically added to your Show Gizmo contact list so they can be sent your event app link.