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The perfect booking site for the school office, the board, the parent helpers and the teacher that runs everything.

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Today's parents want to book and pay online.  Making that happen is easier than you think. 

Just join the Events Pronto free trial, add your choice of credit card processing options and you’re ready to get started.  Not every event will charge enough to warrant credit card payment.  Don’t worry - you can offer internet banking, cash or cheque and limit the options per event.

The details of your event flows through your online listing, any email invites you send from the site and your tickets.  Your subscription includes your own ‘what’s on page’ where people can see what’s on at your school.  Some will still want to book at the school office, so you can add walk-in registrations or phone bookings directly into the site. Every booking you get is one you don’t need to type into a spread-sheet.  At a glance you can see how many are coming and you can even print attendee lists.  The option for scanning in tickets at the door is coming very soon.

When you add your contacts into the site it can send e-invites for you.  Privacy is everything when you run school events.  Events Pronto does not share, sell or promote to your contact list. We do however send your automated booking confirmations, and an invitation to create a login so they can view their bookings and update their details, and, on rear occassions, a system related email - like if the site goes down briefly or there are some new features of the site that they might find useful.

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Capture online and telephone bookings in one simple system.

Collect ticket revenue by internet banking, cash, cheque or credit card.

Just a few of the features school staff, trustees and volunteers really enjoy. You can:

  • Add your school events in minutes.
  • Add class trips or fundraisers in minutes.
  • Display these on your own ‘what’s on page.’
  • Control the payment options -internet banking, cash, cheque or credit card.
  • Store your member list or contact list, knowing its kept private.
  • Email promotions or trip notices direct from the site.
  • Invite everyone, specific classes, or individuals.
  • Keep some events private, just for people you invite, like school board meetings.
  • See numbers at a glance.
  • Send reminders just to those who have booked or those who haven’t.
  • Print lists of who is coming and any special needs in a jiffy.
  • Integrate with Xero for even greater admin savings.

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