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Being kiwi born and bred makes the world of difference.  If you don't find the help you need here, just email or call us on 07 575 6903.  If we can't answer immediately we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

What do I need to get started?


For the smoothest start-up you'll need to have these things handy:

  • The proper name of your organisation - as it will show on your invoices.
  • If you are GST registered have your GST number at the ready.  
  • If you are going to accept payment by internet banking, have your bank account name and number handy.  
  • If you aim to accept credit card payments and already have a credit card processing account have it ready.


Adding images gives your event listings a real professional look.  If you need help with this, please just ask.  Not everyone has a graphic artist or a teenager in their team!

  • Images should be in PNG, and <500 kilobytes (GIF and JPG work too).
  • Your logo sized 340 pixels and max height of 130 pixels.
  • A social media image, ideally sized 972 X 548 pixels or larger.
  • An events home page banner sized exactly 918 pixels wide and 209 pixels.
  • An individual banner for each event, sized exactly 800px X 153 pixels high.
What does the FREE on-boarding service include?

The FREE onboarding services are:

  • Creating your account.
  • Setting up your first event.
  • Adding credit card processing.
  • ​Setting up your first event.
  • Linking to your Xero account (if you use Xero).

Some clients like extra help with creating banner images. This is available as a chargeable service.  Call us on 07 575 6903 to find out more.


Do I need to accept credit card payments through my site?

No.  You decide which payment options to offer.  

  • Some organisations only offer free events and don't take payments.  
  • Some accept credit card payment so they don't spend time chasing money.
  • Some allow internet banking, so they don't incurr credit card fees.
  • Some take cash or cheque payment.

It is OK to accept payment by all, some or none of these methods.

Can I use this as a CRM or contact management tool?

For small organisations this may be all the contact management system you ever need.  It allows you to:

  • If you have a list of members or other contacts in a spreadsheet it can be uploaded into Events Pronto.
  • When someone books with you, their name and email is saved so you can contact them again (unless they unsubscribe of course).
  • You can add people to groups to make communication easier (e.g. groups like members, committee or geographic groups are popular choices).
  • You can use the inbuilt email marketing tools to send course and event invitations or newsletters to everyone on your list, or to particular groups.  You can also export your list to use in packages like Mailchimp.

If you need the ability to make notes about each phone call or other conversation you have with each person, then you will need a CRM too.  Events Pronto plays nicely with most good online CRM's.

How many administrators can I have?
  • You can have as many administrators as you like!
  • Events Pronto make it easy for you to invite your key staff or volunteers to have administrative access.  
  • ​Simply ask the person to sign up to Events Pronto from your organisation's event listing page.  
  • Then find them in contacts, click on their name and check the 'make organiser" button.

You may be wondering why someone has to sign-up to the site before you can make them organisers.  Organiser's handle private information about your contacts and have the potential to create events which commit your organisation legally and commercially. It is important for the protection of your organisation that they sign to the terms and conditions before gaining administrator access. 

Onboarding Services That Set You Up For Success

Let our team of in-house experts get you up and running even faster by importing your contact database and creating banner headings.  
On-boarding packages start from $250+GST – ask for a quote to meet your needs here.