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Take & manage payments your way

Charge by credit card or on invoice, limit the options to suit yourself and receive all funds directly into your own accounts.  No cash flow delays and less risk.

Accept payments by internet banking, cash or cheque

How you get paid is up to you.  Credit card payment is great for some but not for all.  If you want to allow payment by internet banking, cash or cheque, you’ve come to the right booking site.

Choose the credit card gateway that best suits you

If you want instant payment you will  want credit card processing.  If you have a DPS Payment Express, eWay, Paymark, PayPal or Stripe account you’re ready to go.  If not, we’ll help you sort it.

Invoices that show GST and meet NZ requirements

The invoices sent from this kiwi system meet IRD rules – something not all online booking systems do.  When people book and pay by credit card they are automatically receipted.  Fast and simple.

Track payments in the site or your accounting system

Some Events Pronto users put every invoice in their accounting system and receipt from there.  Others run things in the site and enter daily, weekly or monthly balances in their accounting system.

Keep on top of late payers

If you offer ‘buy now, pay later’ options like internet banking you will want to monitor collection levels.  Just mark people off as they pay, and the total outstanding will show on your dash.


Send payment reminders in a flash

It is easy to send payment reminders direct from the site – as long as you are sure you have receipted everyone who has paid before you send.


Decide for yourself whether to refund or credit

Even people with strict no-refund policies sometimes need to give money back.  When necessary, record refunds and credits in the booking area to keep revenue figures right.

XERO INTEGRATED!  For even greater admin savings.

Sends invoices and receipts created in Events Pronto direct to Xero without manual intervention.  Your accounting team will thank-you for it.  Xero certification coming soon.

Links with Show Gizmo

When you link your organisation to the really popular Show Gizmo conference app via Events Pronto, each ticket-holders is automatically added to your Show Gizmo contact list so they can be sent your event app link.