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Insta with Ace the Gram
4 June 2019
When Instagram came along we already felt we had more than enough social media in our lives so we were a bit slow on the uptake.  Last week Jenna went to an Instagram for the beginner session with Tash & Viv from Ace the Gram.  Now we’re complete converts.  In this article Jenna shares the key things she learned at the Venture Centre event.
Instagram is the most popular social media platform, after Facebook – and Facebook owns Instagram.  That might be a clue that Facebook thinks Instagram is the next frontier in social media.  Ace the Gram say that’s largely about the algorithm – that is the way Instagram chooses what to show you.  Facebook favours paid advertisers over organisation’s organic posts, where Instagram takes posts fully on their own merits.
Imagery is important.  Instagram is more about the visuals and less about the words.  They say a picture paints a thousand words.  That means you need good quality images that show the emotion of your service or organisation, rather than the service itself.  
Getting good quality images is a challenge for many organisations.  Ace the Gram remind us that this doesn’t have to cost the earth.  You can now source free images on sites like Canva.com.  If you are using photo’s supplied by others, always remember to credit them in your post.
As you’ll know from our other blogs about social media, we’ve always been anxious about the over-use of hashtags.  Not anymore!  Tash & Viv have a simple suggestion.  
Include a few hashtags that are highly relevant to your photo in the caption and put the rest in the comments.   Ace the Gram suggest you can add up to 30 hashtags in the comments without making your post look spammy.  They also suggest using hashtags that have smaller post numbers so you can make the top posts.
There is a lot to learn about Instagram so we’ve taken the first steps by creating @eventspronto and signing up to Tash & Viv’s Facebook group:  Instagram Growth & Engagement by Ace the Gram.  See you there.

About the Author: Jenna Tournier is Client Services Coordinator with Events Pronto by Booking Rooster.

Photo Credit: Ace the Gram

Event Credits:  Thanks to Tash & Viv at Ace the Gram for delivering an actionable training session, to Venture Centre for hosting the event and promoting it on Business Axis, powered by Booking Rooster.